Company D 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment


Richmond Depot Type 1


The jackets that are appropriate for our impression for the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment are either a Richmond Depot Type 1 (RD1) Shell Jacket (with 9 or 12 buttons) or the E. Courtney Jenkins style Commutation Jacket (6 buttons). 

    •    Richmond Depot Type 1:  Either made using satinet or jeans wool.

    •    Jenkins Commutation Jacket: Made in satinet wool.

    •    If you chose to get the 12 button variant, use the “small” Maryland State Seal muffin buttons

    •    If your jacket is of either the 6 or 9 button variant, then use the “Large” Maryland State Seal muffing buttons

    •    All Jackets must have black tape or welting (like photos below)

    •    All Jackets must be dark grey on brown jean weave (see supporting conclusions below)


    •    Trousers should be of same color and material as your shell jacket.

    •    Trousers have black ½” tape down the outer seem on each leg

    •    Trousers should have “mule ear” pockets




  • Kepi bottom band is black 

Recommended Sutler: Dirty Billy’s Hats



•    Federal brogans, "Page Lapham”shoes, and civilian style shoes are all authorized



•    Shirts that are homespun, linen, and wool are authorized. Please refer to our Authorized Sutler list for suppliers for correct shirts.

Richmond Depot 12 Button Variant

Bristol Hollow “Scalloped” Band

Dirty Billy “Maryland” Kepi

Recommended Sutler: Beauregard’s Tailor

Recommended Sutler: Beauregard’s Tailor

“Jenkins” Commutation Jacket