Company D 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment


Rifles of the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment (1861-1862)

    •    Companies A, B, D, E, F, and G (formed at Harpers Ferry) were armed with the 1841 "Mississippi" Rifle .54 cal with no bayonet lug(top rifle in photo)

    •    Companies C, H, and I (formed in Richmond) were armed with the 1842 Springfield Smoothbore Musket .69 cal with bayonets (bottom rifle in photo). These Companies were nicknamed "Grenadier Companies" in Regiment due to their ability to house bayonets on their rifles. Note: per diary excerpts; we know that some new 1861 Springfield rifles were acquired from the battlefield.

(Photo above: Top is a 1841 .54 cal Mississippi Rifle. Bottom is a 1842 Springfield .69 cal Smoothbore)

    •    The only authorized weapon for our impression (“COMPANY D”) is the 1841 “Mississippi” Rifle. We have plenty of evidence that the 1st Maryland was issued 500 Mississippi Rifles thanks in part to Mrs. Claudia Johnson. Please refer to our “Supporting Evidence” section for more details.

1841 Mississippi Rifle:

    •    Caliber: .54

    •    Cartridge: .54 ball

    •    Maximum Effective Range: 0-1100 yards (with accuracy)

    •    Maximum Range: 2000 yards (20 football fields)

    •    Weight: 9.4 pounds

    •    Bayonet: no

1842 Springfield Smoothbore Musket:

    •    Caliber: .69

    •    Cartridge: buck and ball

    •    Maximum Effective Firing Range: 50-75 yards (with accuracy)

    •    Maximum Range: 100-200 yards (1 to 2 football fields)

    •    Weight: 10 pounds

    •    Bayonet: Yes