“Maryland to the Front!"

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Welcome to the home of our Maryland living history organization, the “Independent Greys”. 

The “Independent Greys” was the name used by several Maryland Militia infantry companies that formed a battalion within the 53rd Maryland Militia Regiment from 1859-1861. Shortly after the Baltimore Riot on April 19, 1861, it was clear that Maryland was not going to secede from the Union. Many members of the various Maryland militia units  were very “pro South. "The 53rd Maryland Militia was one of those militias. The unit dissolved as many of it’s members went south to serve in the Confederate Army being formed in Virginia. It is estimated that over 30,000 Marylanders served in the Confederate Army during the war. Many Marylanders found themselves serving in Virginia Regiments since Maryland as a state never seceded. There were several “all Maryland’ units that were ultimately raised. One of those units was the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment formed in the Spring of 1861. Company D of the 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment was commanded by Capt. James Herbert.  Capt. Herbert formally served as a Lieutenant in Company A, 53rd Maryland Militia prior to the war.  Company A  was one of the “Independent Greys” companies within the 53rd Maryland. Carrying on with tradition; Capt. Herbert nicknamed his Company D “The Independent Greys”. You can see the evidence of this per Capt. Herbert’s 1862 (February) newspaper recruiting advertisment in The Richmond Enquirer (photo above).

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Carrying on with the same Maryland tradition, we named our modern day organization the “Independent Greys”. We are an independent group that teaches the public about the Confederate Marylanders role in the American Civil War through the means of living history. The genesis was in 2014 with the creation of “Company D” 2nd Maryland Infantry (1862-1865). Since then, our group has evolved and expanded to include an early war 1st Maryland Infantry Regiment impression. We also felt the need to create a program to teach and motivate youth to become interested and learn history. With that need, we found the means through the creation of the “Maryland Cadets”. This is a youth history club that participates in battlefield trips, camping excursions, and learning by attending our various living history events. We have also created a regularly published magazine. Our magazine is called the “True Marylander”.  We are the first and only group in the living history hobby to have produced a publication on this level and magnitude.  All our magazine editions have evolved from hard print to now fully virtual.  Yet, another first and major innovation which no other group has attempted. We have created two “campaigner” versions of our civilian arm; for the ladies we have “The Monument Street Girls” and for the men “Plug Uglies”. Both impressions are embedded within Maryland’s (Baltimore’s) history. Each of these groups were very pro South and played an important role.  We feel it is important to have the ability to represent the groups previously mentioned within the appropriate venues. In a sense, we created a modern day “Maryland Line” of history!

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The various branches/impressions (mentioned previously) are mere bricks in a sense just like the very bricks used to build a house. They are strong and can stand independently on their own, but when put together they create something bigger; something that can stand the test of time. Bricks need something to hold them into place to solidify the structure and keep it from falling over; they need mortar/concrete. The creation of the “Independent Greys” organization is just that: it is the motar/concrete that binds the bricks together. Each one of our impressions/branches are created on a solid foundation. Our foundation consists of research and documentation, morals and values, as well as motivation and teamwork. Together, we have created a solid and formidable group that you see today! 

If you are looking to join a group that represents Maryland, then look no further! We are the best you will find in the hobby! No other Maryland group is as well researched or organized than our group! Early War, Mid War, Late War, Civilian impressions, and even youth programs….we have it covered! If you have  the heart and the desire to “do it right’…then YOU are the type of person we want!